проверьте пожалуйста грамотность текста

One of the important problems of all times is a generation gap. Adult's mentality is different from teenager's. We are the children of two epochs with different views on various subjects. Because of this parents and children sometimes have an argument with each other.
Some people believe that teenagers today are generally rude, they are lying in their bad like a couch potato. Other people, however, think that teenagers are not so bad, they are do the cooking, keep the house sometimes look after their siblings under school age. Sometimes people don't understand teenagers and usually shout at teenagers. Close relatives don't understand some problems and things which are very important in teenagers' life that`s why they have strained relationships. And immediate family sometimes makes children`s life hell.
On the other hand, today many elderly people look at the world with new eyes. Moreover, they try to clear the air and to be on good terms with children.
But I think we should bride the generation gap and make up with each other.
Parents should less shout at their children, less tell children off doing something and never heart children`s feelings.
And children should take themselves in hands and listen to the advice of parents.

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  • snowzilla
  • Мегамозг
  • 2017-11-22 22:40:28
1) Because of this - тут лучше написать Because of these
2) they are lying in their bad - тут нужно bed (постель, кровать), а у Вас bad - плохой
3) They are do the cooking - тут нужно They are done
4) never heart - тут нужно hear
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