Нужно переделать в косвенную речь

Miss Luke: Good afternoon, girls.
Girl: Good afternoon, Miss Luke.
Miss Luke: This afternoon we are going to learn how to cook soup.
Open your books at unit twenty-two.
Pru: Excuse me, Miss Luke.
Miss Luke: Yes, Prue?
Prue: There's some chewing gum on your shoe.
Miss Luke: Who threw their chewing gum on the floor? Was it you,
Prue: No, Miss Luke. It was June.
Miss Luke: Who?
Prue: June Cook.
June: It wasn't me, stupid. It was Sue.
Sue: It was you!
June: It wasn't me, you stupid fool. My mouth's full of chewing gum.
Look, Miss Luke!
Sue: Stop pulling my hair, June. It was you.
June: You!
Sue: You!
Miss Luke: Excuse me! You're being very rude. You two nuisances can
stay in school this afternoon instead of going to the swimming pool.

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