Здравствуйте, прошу помочь с упражнением

Вставьте слова в предложния, слова моюно использовать лишь один раз!

Слова : blink, blow one's nose, breath, chew, cough, crawl, cry, frown, kiss, laugh, lick, lie down, nod, smell, smile, sneez, touch, whistle, wink, yawn.

1) Babies can't walk staring away. They usually _______ first.
2) The photographer asked everyone to ______ and look happy before he took the photo.
3)If you can't sing, you can always tre to _______ the tune instead.
4)it is customary after couple have just got married for the groom to _______ the bridd.
5)something in his eye made him ______.
6)she _______ the stamp before sticking it onto the envelope.
7)You haven't stopped _______ for the past twenty minutes, Chery! You must be tried. You'd better go to bed.
8)The TV programme was really funny and they couldn't stop ________.
9)you should always __________your food properly before a wallowing it.
10) There was a large sign in the museum telling people not to ______ anything.
11)The film was so sad that it made him _______.
12)She bent down to __________ the flower.
13) I ______ art her to show that I was only joking

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